Call of Cthulhu - Miraculous Catch

The Miraculous Catch is a lore item in Call Of Cthulhu. It can be found in the bar near the Darkwater port. Talking to the singing men at one of the tables can prompt them to tell Edward Pierce about the article's location on the wall.


"The "Miraculous Catch", is what the locals call the last catch of their whalers. In 1847, although whales were disappearing from the fishing zone of the Darkwater whalers, the crew of the Scylla made a gigantic and monstrous catch that saved the island from famine. They still celebrate this catch, and an article from the time still decorates the bar. It's strange how the memory seems so alive, as if it was maintained by the survivors.


21st May 1847
The Scylla returns to port to save Darkwater from famine
We had given up hope. The crew of the Scylla — or what remains of it — returned to Darkwater port late on Tuesday afternoon. The locals immediately rushed to the docks to welcome the last whaling ship on the island. People were amazed at the sight of the unbelievable catch the brave vessel had on board!
Of a size that went beyond that of the formidable toothed whales, the cetacean that is already being called the "Miraculous Catch" covered the whole deck and parts of it were hanging over the side of the ship.
The surviving sailors told a frightening account of their perilous catch... But also of its meat, unmatched in its quality and plentiful nutritious benefits.
There is no doubt that the immense size of this whale will allow numerous inhabitants of Darkwater to feed themselves, bringing an end to the famine from which part of the island was suffering.
Mr Marks is putting his warehouse up for rent from June, for fishing, workshop or storage activities. You can contact him via your favourite newspaper or visit him on the docks.
To celebrate the return of our brave whalers, all the staff of The Stranded Whale invite you to an exceptional, and free, tasting event! Come with your family, or with friends, to taste the Miraculous Catch! Each person will leave with a bottle of oil, so don't hesitate!
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