Edward Pierce is the main character in Call Of Cthulhu. He owns the Pierce Investigations Agency which is currently contracted by the Wentworth Agency to obtain and solve cases in the Boston area. When asked about his work, Pierce claims that work is scarce. However, a Ms. Sherefield points out that there is an abundance of work and has been for some time. Pierce has not had a case in quite a while, likely due to his deteriorating mental state as a result of his nightmares.

Pierce is a veteran of the Great War and is one of the few survivors of The Lost Battalion. He keeps a lighter as a memento of the Argonne. Pierce still suffers severe effects from that war, mainly nightmares. He drinks alcohol and uses sleeping pills as a way to cope with these nightmares. 'The Doctors' prescribed sleeping pills to Pierce when he returned from the war. They swore to him that this would end his nightmares but for a while, leading up to the start of the game, the effect has been lessening.

Despite the 'remedy', Edward still hears voices in his dreams. The voices he hears now are different from those in the past. Edward feels they come from somewhere ancient and surreal. Nameless creatures who call out to him from the dark.

Pierce comments that he used to be an avid reader, and his office has several bookshelves, with topics of a wide variety. Natural Sciences, Linguistics, Archaeology, Medicinal Texts, and Encyclopedias of various kinds line his shelves. From other items in his office, it can be reasoned that Pierce also has knowledge on Entomology, Architecture, History, Geography, the Arts, and possibly more. It is not made clear if he has always been a great reader, which lead to his ability as a detective, or if he became an avid reader in order to better himself as a detective. Regardless of which, it is clear that Pierce has knowledge on a large variety of subjects as a result.

In the course of his work he is contacted by Stephen Webster who employs him to investigate the death of Webster's daughter Sarah Hawkins.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "I hate whiskey."
  • "Been too long since I've slept in a bed." -Pierce acknowledging his aversion to sleep, in reference to the severity of his nightmares.
  • "Been a while since I jotted down something other than my nightmares."
  • "Despite the treatment, I again hear voices in my dreams. But they are different, unknown. They seem to surface from unfathomable and ancient depths. What nameless creature is calling me?" -20 October 1924 Pierce Investigations Agency entry detailing Pierce's dreams.

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